I-Factor is a Biological Bone Graft from Cerapedics and is the only bone graft substitute that uses a unique peptide attachment factor (P-15(tm)) to target specific integrins in Osteogenic cells.

I-Factor is not only Osteo-conductive but also ostea-inductive.

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Using the I-Factor enhances the natural bone healing process by initiating the flow of mechanical and chemical signals between cells and the extracellular matrix. I-Factor is not only osteo-conductive with the ABM carrier but also osteo-inductive as well.

I-Factor is the next generation in biologics:

  • It demonstrates superiority to autograft
  • It is a biological active medical device that stimulates natural bone growth
  • This technology has been used clinically for more than a decade in dental procedures and now in orthopaedics with an estimated 500,000 cases.
  • The P-15 bone graft is available in a Putty and Flex (Strips) format
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