JCM MED is a French company dedicated to manufacturing and marketing in the whole world sterile disposable medical devices as well as their individual components, assembled or not.

A good knowledge of the market combined with an ability to identify the best components allow us to offer high-quality products at reasonable prices. Because globalization brings an avalanche of products of mediocre quality, JCM MED has initiated an outstanding move to match the increasing demand for medical devices at the best quality/price ratio.

Sterile Medical Devices:

IV sets:
Spike with air-vent, 20 or 60 dr/ml drip chamber, 15µ solution filter, high memeory and kink resistant PVC tubing , roller clamp

  •  Optional components: injection site, 3-way stopcock, distal LL ou LS connector, flashball, hypodermic needle.
  •  Supplementary IV set: tube 70cm, chamber 72mm.
  •  Sterilization: ETO

 IV set with needleless Y connector

Continuous flow IV sets

IV set with flow regulator

Light proof IV set

 Standard IV sets

Supplementary IV sets


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